Nimbus Finance
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veNIMBUS will be distributed 1:1 for each $NBS lock in an NFT regardless of the NFT tiers. These tokens have a major importance in the protocol as they will allow to vote for the direction Nimbus Finance should take. It is particularly on the APR that these tokens will be important because every 24 hours a vote will be live for 12 hours to define the rewards distributed. The votes will be done directly on our DAPP through a vault that will record the voting weight of each user according to his number of veNBS delegated. 3 possibilities will be offered:
  • Double the APR
  • Maintain it
  • Divide it by 2
This feature has never been implemented in existing NaaS/DaaS and makes our protocol unique and 100% community driven. Through this mechanism the community will be able to decide how often the reward pool redistributes $NBS to NFT holders.