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Launch details

NFTs will be available directly after the liquidity is added. Reward distribution to NFTs holders will also be live at launch. As mentioned in Initial Liquidityall initial liquidity will be provided by the team. This choice was made to avoid the selling pressure generated by a fundraiser where tokens are sold before the launch. Our protocol is to be as fair as possible to all participants. Not holding presale is an important point in a good distribution of tokens between holders. To optimize the NBS distribution and to avoid that some whales hold a big % of the supply we decided to implement other measures:
  • Max buy: 0.5% (1500 NBS)
  • Max wallet: 1% (3000 NBS)
These measures will avoid the accumulation of low-priced tokens by the same wallet and also the impact of bots at launch. Total supply: $300,000NBS
Launch Price: $0.12
Initial Liquidity: 10,000 USDC + 84,000 $NBS
FDV: $36,000