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Passive income NFTs

To be eligible for daily rewards (chosen by the community via a vote see$veNIMBUS), users must lock their $NBS which will mint a nft that will allow the distribution of rewards in $NBS. Here are the 3 tiers NFTs:
  • Tier 1: claim tax: 10% / 220% APR
  • Tier 2: claim tax: 7.5% / 250% APR
  • Tier 3: claim tax: 5% / 300% APR Price of nodes at launch:
    • Tier 1: 20 $NBS
    • Tier 2: 100 $NBS
    • Tier 3: 400 $NBS
The claim tax is implemented to reduce selling pressure and feed the reward pool with $NBS to guarantee an optimal runaway of the rewards distributed by the protocol. NFTs will be non-transferable for the first 3 days of our launch to encourage new investors to purchase $NBS rather than directing them to the secondary NFT market. This strategy will allow a better price action and increase the overall liquidity of our project. Afterwards the nfts will be listed on a marketplace, the choice of the marketplace is not yet decided and may be subject to a community vote via the$veNIMBUS​