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Once first step of our project deployed we will implement a launchpad to incubate new projects that are willing to launch on Arbitrum. Their fundraising will take place through our interface and the money raised will go directly to a multi-sig composed of Nimbus Finance members and the incubated project to ensure the security of the funds. Eligible participants will need to have Nimbus in their wallet and will be able to deposit USDC at a 1:2 ratio. A participation fee of 5% of the deposited USDC will be applied and collected directly from the $NIMBUS in the participant's wallet. All tokens collected will be burned creating a reduction in the circulating supply for each new project incubated. The release of the launchpad is planned in step 2 of our project and a medium article will be released in due time to give all the necessary details. Projects that already want to apply to go through our launchpad can open a ticket on our discord to establish a first contact.