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Initial Liquidity

The launch pair will be USDC/NBS and 100% of the USDC added to the liquidity will be provided by the team's own funds. 28% of the total supply is allocated to the initial liquidity. Why no presale? The team thought long and hard about what would make the project most sustainable over time and it turned out that a presale inevitably creates selling pressure. This is even harder to control as more and more people are hesitating to invest in a project at launch if there was a presale and they didn't participate in it. This reduces the buying pressure and creates a fearful climate on the price action with multiple sales from presale participants looking for a quick ROI. Once we realized this, we decided to provide the liquidity ourselves so that the project would be as fair as possible among all participants. We are confident in our business model and despite an initial start of less than $20,000 and adding the marketing budget we are confident that our project will generate the volume necessary for the team to be successful. Liquidity will be burned at launch to ensure optimal security.