Nimbus Finance

Nimbus Finance is a decentralized finance protocol that utilizes various mechanisms to create an innovative token economy. The primary objective is to provide passive income to holders of the main token $NIMBUSwhile implementing deflationary measures. The distribution of daily rewards will be determined through community voting using $veNIMBUS to ensure that the expectations of the community are met. This will enable members to determine the percentage of daily rewards given to holders, thereby ensuring that the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) aligns with their desires and preferences, guiding the protocol from sustainability to a more daring approach. The decision lies with the user. Nimbus Finance will not engage in fundraising activities because the resultant selling pressure can be detrimental to the protocol. Several examples exist of protocols experiencing disastrous price actions due to presale participants dumping their tokens. As a result, 100% of the funds added to the liquidity pool will be provided by the team. Additional details are available regarding Initial Liquidity.
Last modified 5mo ago